About Us

About the Conference

RNPIA-2021 Organising Committee invites participants across the globe to attend its 1st  International Conference on Reimagining the Natural Products Industry in Africa which is taking place during July 5th 7th, 2021 at Imperial Royale Hotel, Kampala, Uganda.

RNPIA-2021 is aimed at encouraging transdisciplinarity through knowledge sharing by scholars, practitioners in industry, non-governmental organizations, and policymakers. We envisage mutual learning and joint problem solving to create sustainable solutions in a real-world context.

RNPIA-2021 provides a unique platform for all the leading professionals and will feature: Graduate student presentations (Hons, Masters and PhD), Early career researchers presentations, Keynote sessions, Poster sessions, Exhibition sessions, Plenary sessions, Industry and Senior level presentations. Mark your calendar today and plan to attend. We bring globally immense information from: drug discovery and drug design,  natural products chemistry, cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, ethnoveterinary medicine (applications and practices), intellectual property and permits, pharmaceutical market in Africa, gender and conservation, climate change, policy and governance fields under one roof with diversified Knowledge oriented scientific sessions which widen professional contact and create new opportunities in the ocean of knowledge.

Come and be  a part of this conference.........
We are looking forward to seeing you at
 RNPIA-2021 in Kampala , Uganda.

Why to Attend ?

  • Get to know the Current trends and Future of the Natural Products Industry
  • Meet worldwide Experts
  • Networking Opportunities
  • New innovative methods and technologies
  • Learn skills and stay up to date
  • Position yourself as an expert
  • Learn beyond your field or interest


RNPIA Conference Sub-themes

1.     Drug discovery and Drug Design
2.     Natural Products Chemistry
3.     Cosmeceuticals, Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceuticals
4.     Ethnoveterinary Medicine (Applications and Practices)
5.     Intellectual Property and Permits
6.     Pharmaceutical Market in Africa
7.     Gender and Conservation
8.     Climate Change
9.     Policy and Governance


Technical Committee

Dr. Immaculate Nakalembe

Dr. Ibrahim Karume

Dr. Emmanuel Tebandeke

Dr. Anna-Marie Kok

Ms. Irene Achede

Mr. Eric Wanume

Ms. Diana Sitenda

Mr. Atuheire Collins

Mr. Mwaka Morris

Ms. Cissy Nambejja

Mr. Ofwono Stanley